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Incubus City Is The Ultimate Mystery Impregnation Game

It’s been a while since we’ve faced a game with story as well written as the one in Incubus City. In fact, this game would feel more like a graphic novel, but in a good way. You will get to experience an adventure filled with forbidden sex and sinful desires which will draw you within the adventure, making you feel the thrills and the unstoppable urges of the character that you’ll be playing. The creator of this game didn’t hold anything back. He went full on with all the hardcore ideas that ran around in his head. That is why we must warn anyone that wants to play this game about the dirtiness of the story. This isn’t a game for everyone. Only the wild players will be able to appreciate the beauty of this story at it’s full value. The faint of heart and the easily offended will find this game scandalous.

And that’s the beauty of it after all. We need games that are able to impress us in a day and age where nasty and hardcore porn have become the norm. We can no longer be impressed by sex acts alone. We need scandalous stories to go with them and there is no other story more scandalous than Incubus City. This text-based porn game is going to shock you. It’s for those of you who are into rape roleplay and forced impregnation fantasies. If you’re one of the guys or girls who are getting turned on by such kinks, then you should proceed. Otherwise, better step aside and let the wild gamers enjoy the action.

A Game With Multiple Endings And Lots Of Characters

Incubus City is a masterpiece of a text-based game. It comes with multiple paths in which the story could unravel. You have the possibility of playing the game and going towards 22 different endings. I love these kinds of games because they can be played multiple times without getting old and boring. You will play as a male character who is on the lookout for all kinds of dirty and sinful sex experiences. Along the way you can indulge in some crazy encounters. Among the kinks that you will get to enjoy while playing this game you will find anal sex, threesomes with double penetration, cheating wives and slutty teens, interracial sex, and lots of sexual punishment. The sex in the game has a very strong BDSM influence, with impact play, forced orgasms, rough drilling and all kinds of humiliation and degradation fantasies. And on top of all that, you will enjoy a permanent impregnation and pregnancy fetish. That’s the main objective of the game: go around the city and find hot chicks to impregnate. And there are so many chicks from which you can choose. Some of them are ready to suck and fuck you when they first meet you. Some others need a bit of convincing world, and some chicks that are playing hard to get need to be blackmailed into getting creampied by your cock.

The Gameplay Experience Of Incubus City

Incubus City is not like all the other hardcore porn games that you find online. Since this game is a text-based one in which the story and the interaction with the characters is the main focus of the gameplay experience, there’s not so much into the graphics. In fact, if you’re not into exciting and thrilling stories that can arouse you better than any graphic image can, then this game might not be for you. But that’s not to say you won’t get graphic images also. Every now and then, when the story gets naughty and the sex action starts to happen, you will get to see the girls you are working on impregnating. What I love about the game is the fact that instead of creating renderings of 3D models, it uses photos and GIFs of real girls who are stripping, getting fucked, sucking dick and getting creampied. Some of them might be porn star you already know and love.

When it comes to the story, if you’re a fan of the text based games, you will have a blast. There’s so much text to enjoy in this game. It can be compared with some of the most famous mainstream releases, such as Spider and Web or The Dreamhold. There are hours upon hours of gameplay with this release and once you’ve finished the game, you can go back and play it again with a totally different plotline.

Play The Game For Free on Our Site

|A game like this should totally be a premium release. The amount of story and work that went into creating such an adult masterpiece should be rewarded. But we found a way through which we can offer it to you for free while also making sure that the developers are getting their fair share. On our site you can play the game for free with no download, no install and no registration. You just need to confirm that you are over 18 years old and that’s it. The only thing other than that you will have to do will be to choose your name in the game. Then you will be free to enjoy this wild impregnation fetish experience with no restrictions or interruptions.

Our website has been adapted to offer a cross platform experience. No matter if you visit our site from a computer, a phone or a tablet, you will be able to play the game with no restrictions. We even checked the game thoroughly on all kinds of different devices to make sure there are no bugs or crashes along the way. So, if you’re ready to enjoy the wildest impregnation and roleplay rape fetish game of all time on a site that offers free and secure gameplay, you’re on the right site.

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